Five Forgotten Truths in Spiritual Life

Five Forgotten Truths in Spiritual life

Fr Marco came up with these forgotten “truths/principles” of spiritual life as reflections of his
experiences during past few years as priest. He wants to share with us so that we may also draw our personal conclusions reflecting our own experiences of Christian life. Trying to describe them in our personal language can help our growth in faith.

Fr Marco’s list :
1, How to accept the great Mystery of God's Love.
2, Love presupposes freedom , the absolute value of freedom and love come from God .
3, The primacy of Grace , which comes before commandment .
4, Through the power of Baptism we discover the Love of God .
5, True source of my freedom is found in God’s freedom , who created me in his image and likeness out of love , freely .

Matthew 14:21-33 ; from miracle of fish and bread ; Jesus walks on water ; Jesus builds up a personal relationship with tax collectors…. all have shown that Jesus is with us ! When life’s many challenges appear to us ; Jesus said : " it is I , I am here , do not be afraid . "